The Anti-Agency:

Frills and fancies; not our thing. Fame and glory; great for our brands, not for us. If we sound like a bunch of retiring introverts, sorry! That was not our intention. Though yes, we do shy away from being a chesty and self promoting bunch of yahoos. And before you start thinking, “But what about the big-agency systems and thinking,” please remember, our team is composed of big agency folks who’ve decided they like this culture.

We’re Guava, a group of close-knit guys who get together each morning to see what we can do for our brands. And that’s basically what the day’s all about. How can we give our brands an extra boost? What kind of an initiative can help our brand get some sort of noticeability?

Most of the time, its not as if we need a brief to start all this. It’s the kind of torture we put ourselves through. Masochistic? Maybe. Satisfying? When the big idea appears, definitely YES! We’re happy to report, that this behaviour seems to also give our clients a deep sense of satisfaction. They stay with us for years.

So if you want a group of self-motivated guys working for you, get in touch with us. Whether it’s a project, a small initiative or a full blown marketing plan, you’ll find we dig deep enough to make life hell for both us, and you, with our questions. Post which we’ll find an idea that works for you and both of us will be transported to heaven.

To see what kind of stuff transports our clients to a happy place browse through our work and the gang that gets it done.

Our Work
Our Belief:

We believe in collaboration. We believe in teamwork.We believe in collective energy and cohesive strength. We believe in being able to experiment. We believe in keeping an open-mind. We believe in honesty. We believe in hard-work. We believe in giving things a chance. We're open to new ideas and experiences. We're open to change. We're open to cross-pollination. We're open to things that do not exist yet. We hate bureaucracy. We do not like complicating things. In fact, most of our hard-work goes in minimizing complications and obstacles that come in the way of great work. Beyond that, advertising and creativity are simple.

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